Bedfont Scientific introduces gold-standard mouthpieces for breath monitors


SteriBreath boasts ease of use, infection prevention and space-saving attributes

Bedfont Scientific has introduced new SteriBreath mouthpieces for use with its breath monitors, combining ease of use with gold standard infection control.

The new-style mouthpieces boast the following benefits:

  • Excellent infection control – each mouthpiece is individually wrapped and can be located very easily onto the D-Piece without having to touch the mouthpiece at all
  • Ease of use – being round the mouthpiece does not need to be ‘popped’ open
  • Space saving – SteriBreath mouthpieces are very thin, resulting in a box of 250 taking up very little space and costing less in carriage compared to traditional cardboard mouthpieces

Jason Smith, commercial manager at Bedfont said: “In line with the new mouthpieces, our breath sampling D-Piece is also changing. The current D-Piece has no restriction and patients more familiar with tests such as peak flow or spirometry may blow very hard, therefore expelling all the air in their lungs too quickly and resulting in a lower than expected reading.

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“Recent clinical data shows exhaling too fast can cause up to a 30% lower reading than exhaling slowly and fully, which presents a more accurate reading. The manual stipulates this, but a restricted D-Piece would ensure this is how the test is always performed. Therefore the D-Piece will restrict the patient’s expiration flow by narrowing the air’s pathway through the D-Piece.”