Bradshaw nursing care beds match dementia care challenges


Sidhil adds nursing and residential care home collection to its bed range

With the focus on safety, flexibility, and performance, Sidhil's Bradshaw range of nursing and residential care home beds has been developed specifically to meet the individual and clinical needs of the care home environment, with particular attention to the requirements of dementia patients and dementia care.

The design of Sidhil's fully-profiling Bradshaw nursing care beds recognises the challenges faced by dementia sufferers and their carers.

Smooth and easy electrically-operated bed movements facilitate moving and handling processes and patient transfers, with integral siderails conforming to all safety and gapping requirements and playing an important role in preventing falls.

The kneebreak section matches current dementia care recommendations in terms of assisting movement from lying down to sitting on the edge of the bed, enabling carers to ensure patients begin the process lying with knees bent to simplify this action. Bed height adjustment is quick and safe, and sleeping positions infinitely variable to suit individual needs. Padded head and foot ends can reduce the risk of injury, and are also available in bright, contrasting colour options which can help with visual identification and sensory stimulation.

The Bradshaw Low features a mattress platform which descends to just 19.5cms above floor level, reducing the risk of injury through falls, while the Bradshaw Bariatric has been specially engineered for larger patients weighing up to 50 stone -320kgs. All models feature a plain wood grain with no strong patterns in a choice of finishes, avoiding visual confusion and giving an attractive domestic appearance.

Alongside the beds, Sidhil offers a range of equipment and accessories for improved comfort, safety and convenience and to support independent mobility. Options include a bed extension kit for taller patients, grab handles, crash mattresses, transfusion and lifting poles, siderail pads, backrests, cradles and elevation aids as well as overbed tables and chairs.

Sidhil supplies a full range of mattresses for use with the Bradshaw beds, tested for compatibility, including a selection of dynamic therapy surfaces for more-vulnerable patients. The range successfully combines Sidhil's established tradition for strength and durability with special lightweight construction materials and techniques, offering beds which are functional, stable, visually attractive and easy to move.

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