BridgeHead launches first integrated protection and recovery for caché databases


System extends company\'s portfolio for rapid and reliable management of hospital data

BridgeHead Software has announced the launch of its Data Protection Suite for InterSystems Caché databases, a back-up and recovery solution that fully integrates with Caché to provide rapid and reliable management of hospital data.

InterSystems Caché is an advanced object database at the heart of many hospital applications, including Electronic Medical Records (EMR) applications from Allscripts, Epic Systems, GE Healthcare, McKesson, Siemens, as well as InterSystems itself. The US Department of Veterans Affairs has also used Caché as the basis for its award-winning hospital system, known as Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture (VistA).

BridgeHead identified a gap in the market where there was no standard product available to manage the back-up and recovery of the Caché database, critical for the protection of many hospital applications. BridgeHead’s new Data Protection Suite for Caché now offers the only ‘out of the box’ solution in the market with this capability – making the safeguarding of data within Caché environments significantly easier.

Of particular interest in the UK, this solution introduction is expected to help position BridgeHead to support the much-talked-about VA VistA solution currently under review by NHS England.

BridgeHead Data Protection Suite for Caché provides two back-up agents, supporting two alternative back-up modes, designed to provide best-fit approaches for both small and large hospital environments depending on the storage in place at the facility. The solution also offers flexible options for working with Caché’s own protection capabilities, operating in concert at local and remote sites to extend protection to disaster recovery locations.

Jim Beagle, chief executive of BridgeHead Software, said: “Recently, there has been a developing interest in the Caché database from the UK healthcare sector. This is primarily down to the recent selection of Epic Systems and InterSystems as providers of PAS under the London Framework agreement, both of which offer healthcare applications that are underpinned by Caché.

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“Additionally, there are a wide range of applications deployed across the NHS that utilise the Caché database, InterSystems Trakcare for one. Furthermore, NHS England is currently investigating the viability of implementing NHS VistA – a version of the US Veterans Health Association’s open source electronic medical record system, VA VistA – that also uses the Caché database.”