Daikin Europe launches new heat recovery ventilation units


Innovation helps reduce energy loss and maintain high air quality

Daikin Europe has updated its VAM and VKM heat recovery ventilation unit ranges to include CO2 sensors and optional filters that can reduce energy loss and maintain high air quality in commercial environments.

Quick and easy to install, the new units also offer night time free cooling when part of a complete climate solution, reducing running costs and carbon emissions even further.

These latest innovations are in response to the increased importance of integrated ventilation in air conditioning systems and building design. As building regulations continue to raise energy efficiency standards in design, buildings have become more airtight, reducing fresh air circulation and resulting in lower oxygen levels and increased potential for allergies, odours and condensation build-up.

Daikin Europe’s new VAM-FB, VKM-GB and VKM-GBM ventilation ranges offer energy-saving ventilation, using heat recovery and night time free cooling, to create healthy indoor environments for offices, hotels, shops and other commercial buildings.

Every unit in the new line-up can be fitted with a CO2 sensor to prevent energy loss through over-ventilation by slowing down or even switching off the unit if CO2 levels drop below a customer-defined level. If CO2 levels are perceived to be too high, air quality is maintained by restarting ventilation.

Optional medium and fine dust filters (M6, F7 and F8 grades), complying with European regulations on air filter classification (EN779:2012), can be fitted to the VAM-FB units to improve air quality further and meet the demands of end-users or local legislation.

Installers will find installation is faster, thanks to easy adjustment of nominal air flow rate with the remote control. Up to 45 fan settings (15 per fan speed) to allow precise adjustment and less need for dampers compared with traditional installations. Furthermore, optional electrical heaters, which extend the operating range of the units below -15C by pre-heating incoming air, are far easier to connect than third party electrical heaters.

As with previous VAM and VKM ranges, heat recovery is standard, delivering energy savings of up to 40%, compared with introducing unheated fresh air into a building. The VKM-GB units can also pre-condition incoming air and the VKM-GBM units can humidify it, to maintain comfort levels. The units can also be used independently or be integrated with Daikin’s Sky Air and VRV systems as part of a complete climate solution, offering the added benefit of night time free cooling to deliver substantial savings in running costs and carbon emissions.

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Daikin’s new VAM-FB, VKM-GB and VKM-GBM series are the ideal solution for smaller commercial applications. Compact and quiet, the units’ new CO2 sensors and optional filters can help improve air quality and comfort for building users. In addition, they also offer some of the highest levels of energy efficiencies on the market, through heat recovery and night time free cooling, when part of an overall climate control solution.