Daikin Europe’s new EWAD-TZ energy-efficient inverter screw chiller range


Model reduces running costs and carbon emissions by up to 20% compared with traditional chillers

Daikin Europe’s new EWAD-TZ chiller range offers class-leading energy efficiencies (EER up to 3.1; ESEER up to 5.1, tested to EN14511) and can reduce running costs and carbon emissions by up to 20% compared with traditional chillers, thanks to advanced inverter screw compressor technology.

Daikin’s inverter screw chillers can deliver precise control of process cooling and climate management across a range of industrial and commercial operations, particularly where there are high variations in load and excellent part load efficiency is vital. The chillers are suitable for both new-build and retrofit projects.

A traditional inverter air-cooled chiller has a compressor that is not optimised for high-speed rotation. These chillers also require expensive shielded cabling to reduce interference, plus large electrical panels to accommodate the inverter, with forced ventilation for cooling the panel itself. /

In contrast, the new Daikin inverter screw compressor is optimised for running at high speed and high refrigeration flow and has truly stepless capacity control. Larger compressor discharge and suction ports reduce refrigerant pressure drops. The unit is compact because the refrigerant-cooled inverter is part of the compressor body, making it no bigger than a non-inverter unit.

The inverter screw compressor is designed to operate with R-134a refrigerant. Single compressor units have nominal cooling capacities of between 200kW and 350kW, while dual compressors in the larger units in the EWAD-TZ range have nominal cooling capacities of up to 700kW.

The new chillers use standard cabling and have a compact electrical panel (because the inverter is part of the compressor) that does not require forced ventilation. /

Inverter screw compressors run most efficiently at partial loads, using only the power necessary to match the output required. This makes them highly efficient and results in lower operating costs.

As well as being highly efficient, the EWAD-TZ chillers have reduced sound levels under both full and part load conditions, thanks to the inverter screw compressors and a unique fan design that moves large volumes of air almost silently. This quiet operation means the units are ideal for use in built-up areas. Daikin offers three sound level options: standard (83 dB(A) sound pressure at 1m), low noise (77 dB(A)) and extra low noise (73.0 dB(A)).

Daikin chillers are assembled and factory tested before shipment, and all controls are pre-wired, adjusted and tested to offer an almost ‘plug and play’ unit, even for larger installations where high cooling capacities are needed.

They have user-friendly smart controls and can be integrated easily with building management systems, allowing installers and business owners to monitor performance and identify faults more easily.

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And they offer rapid payback, within three years of installation. The compact chillers’ reliability and outstanding energy efficiencies mean ownership costs are low.