Extreme Networks introduces Information Governance Engine compliance solution


Fully-automated tool scores and trends HIPAA and PCI network compliance

Extreme Networks has introduced the Information Governance Engine, enabling chief information security officers (CISOs) and chief information officers (CIOs) to establish and maintain a clinical baseline that demonstrates compliance with standards for their mission-critical networks.

This addition to Extreme’s product portfolio highlights the company’s focus on the technology and security needs of today’s healthcare industry and other verticals that are challenged by the increasing use of mobile and IoT devices to improve patient care.

That is to say, the engine replaces the current manual and error-prone network compliance process in many healthcare and retail organisations with a fully-automated and repeatable solution capable of completing an assessment in minutes.

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Facts about the new system include:

  • Automated assessments: – Delivers automated PCI, HIPAA and user-defined compliance assessments and scoring targeted at CISOs and CIOs within the healthcare space and across other verticals where the need to maintain and demonstrate data privacy and a secure infrastructure is mission critical
  • Measurable analytics: Collects measurable evidence of ongoing security and compliance improvements even as networks increase in complexity with the expanded use of connected medical equipment and mobile devices
  • Time savings: Replaces a lengthy, multi-day process that relies on human analysis and interpretation of data, using instead a fully automated and repeatable engine
  • Risk reduction: Yields consistent scoring of a network’s compliance and allows IT teams to automatically fill gaps in network security when risk is introduced