IT platform provides cost-effective clinical portal


AxSys Technology enveils enhanced Excelicare solution for hospitals and primary care centres

AxSys Technology has unveiled its enhanced Excelicare clinical IT platform which provides hospital trusts and primary care providers with a clear alternative to portals and a cost-effective way to build electronic patient records (EPR).

Excelicare has the functionality of a portal and also works as a health information exchange, but with the added benefits of enabling multi-disciplinary care co-ordination, supporting disease management and delivering rich clinical applications. The new version features a patient portal providing a personal health record (PHR) and also an advanced clinical explorer that allows enterprise-wide viewing of integrated patient information utilising the HL7 Continuity of Care Document (CCD) standards.

Dr Pradeep Ramayya, chief executive of AxSys Technology, said: “Today’s NHS needs clinical software more than ever before. With Excelicare you don’t need a big budget, or have to rip out and replace existing systems, as is often the case with a new EPR. With the drive towards integrated and co-ordinated care, the new Excelicare platform allows healthcare organisations to further raise their ability to share relevant clinical information and co-ordinate care across boundaries.”

AxSys was set up because we knew that IT could transform healthcare, but the systems on the market simply didn’t achieve many of the things healthcare providers needed

In the UK Excelicare is already the national sexual health system for Scotland and is also widely used in London NHS trusts, at the University Hospital Birmingham and in Liverpool, Sheffield and Manchester, where it enables patients to book appointments on the web or by phone and get test results via text. The Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is also using the solution to replace separate departmental systems and provide one clinical platform across a number of clinical areas.

Richard Kirman, clinical information project manager at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust, said of the impact of the technology: “The Excelicare system is now deeply embedded in the working practices at Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust and is providing qualitative benefits to healthcare staff and patients in terms of visibility of information, timely communication, improved organisation and patient journey tracking. It also offers quantitative benefits in terms of reduced operational and capital costs and significantly reduced resource requirements for a given clinical process.”

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AxSys Technology was founded by, and is run by, qualified clinicians. Dr Ramayya said: “AxSys was set up because we knew that IT could transform healthcare, but the systems on the market simply didn’t achieve many of the things healthcare providers needed. We are deeply committed to providing the very best solutions for healthcare professionals – and we are well placed to do that because we understand their needs and challenges.”