Paul Molyneux joins MedeAnalytics UK


New head of analytics to help healthcare target interventions for better outcomes

A new head of analytics at the UK arm of MedeAnalytics, a pioneer in health analytics, is to help healthcare planners and frontline staff understand which patients, across their entire local population, are at risk of specific adverse events and what interventions will work for individual patients as a means of prevention.

Paul Molyneux, who has held posts at the Care Quality Commission (CQC), Cerner, and Dr Foster, has joined a rapidly-growing team of world-class specialists at MedeAnalytics in the UK.

Working with areas like Hertfordshire, the team has helped health and social care organisations overcome information governance obstacles to create a joined-up health economy. The result is that, for the first time, organisations can safely link and unlock their data for use across health and social care whilst still securely maintaining patient privacy.

Molyneux, who was once part of the healthcare commission team that uncovered statistical outliers related to the Mid Staffordshire scandal, will now work closely with clinical and epidemiological colleagues at MedeAnalytics and throughout health and care.

He will help to develop risk models that predict which interventions will prove successful for specific patients and that will allow resources to be targeted where they will work across populations.

Commenting on his appointment, Molyneux said: “If you can measure something, you can manage it. MedeAnalytics has become the first to solve major governance obstacles to enable the safe sharing and use of information between authorised users across different care settings. I look forward to working with customers throughout the UK to help them unleash the power of that information by predicting where and when, across their health economy, they can have the maximum impact for patients. Crucially, this is about getting research onto the shop floor and into practice, in order to improve outcomes.”

Molyneux’s new role at MedeAnalytics follows a series of high-profile appointments in the UK for the company, including Professor Simon Jones, former chief statistician at Dr Foster; and Dr Mark Davies, the former medical director at the Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Wayne Parslow, UK general manager at MedeAnalytics, said: “Having the right people in place with the right tools to respond to real NHS and healthcare challenges is crucial. Paul will work closely with Professor Jones and Dr Davies to hone new ideas on predictive analytics, with real clinical understanding, so that we can help local health economies deliver services that are truly focussed on achieving the most for individual patients across their population. This will herald a new era of targeted and more-efficient health and social care.”

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“Combining these thought leaders with the right technology, and working in collaboration with those on the frontline, will allow the NHS and social care to not only understand which patients are at risk, but where, when, and how they can successfully intervene.”