Pineapple Contracts' bed exceeds weight testing standards


Sovie bed passes with flying colours against weights of 36 stone with 20,000 cycles

Specialist furniture maker Pineapple Contracts' Sovie bed has exceeded the industry’s highest standards for weight testing.

The bed is designed specifically for challenging environments, with internal support 'ribs' to give extreme strength. The one-piece seamless mattress tray is waterproof and resistant to damage while the Kydex outer skin provides an extremely durable finish which is water-resistant, stain-resistant, antibacterial and flame retardant.

Testing of the Sovie bed has been completed with SATRA technology. The impact test was carried out with a 240mm drop height instead of the 180mm in BS EN 1725. In addition, the vertical static load on the bed edge was carried out with a test load of 3120N instead of the 1200N in BS EN 1725. The downward force used in the durability test was also increased to 2242N and 20,000 cycles to simulate the most severe environments for furniture, with a further 10,000 cycles tested on the edge of the bed using the same forces.

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The Sovie bed was created in response to the Design in Mental Health “Better bedroom” initiative, which called for a secure bedroom product that provided better cleaning access. With the option of a unique ‘swing’ mechanism that pivots the bed on a floor fixed plate, the bed can be moved from side to side to allow full access for cleaning.