Pineapple’s award-winning Ryno range expands


Company launches innovative tub chair for secure environments

Pineapple has announced the launch of the newest addition to its award-winning Ryno range - the Ryno Tub.

Providing additional support and functionality, the Ryno Tub gives extra-challenging environments more choice without compromising safety.

The new Ryno Tub has the same robust, rotationally-moulded, UV-resistant, polyethene construction to guarantee strength. But it also has some additional benefits hidden in its design, which have been developed to specifically solve problems facing users and staff in challenging environments.

The Ryno Tub has a wrap-around back support which doubles as an anti-roll design to stop the tub being used as a weapon. This creates gives the user personal space and protection if vulnerable, helping to reduce conflict in areas that see challenging behaviours.

There are no gaps or stashing opportunities and the continuous curved design makes it difficult to lift, minimising harm. The Ryno Tub is 14kg unweighted and can be weighted up to 75kg if required.

With space often being limited, the size of the Ryno Tub was carefully taken into consideration in the design. Pineapple has produced a compact design tub that has the same footprint as the Ryno Lounge chair, yet with a generous seat platform.

The design has ensured all of the Ryno chairs can be fixed together and also fixed to the floor if required.

As with the dining and lounge chairs, the Ryno Tub Chair is available in a choice of 11 colours and has an optional upholstered seat cushion.

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The Ryno Tub can be used indoors or outdoors, and has been strength and stability tested to 500,000 cycles for severe contract use (BSEN 16139.2013 level 2). They are compliant with flammability standards UL 94 HB and British Standard 5852.2006 Ignition source 5.