Rockfon gets ProCure22 approval


Manufacturer awarded approved supplier status for suspended ceilings

Rockfon has been awarded ‘Recommended Supplier’ status for NHS and social care construction schemes in England by the Department of Health (DH) via its ProCure22 (P22) administered framework.

The P22 initiative bestows approved supplier status to an exclusive list of companies following a comprehensive evaluation process which aims to ensure projects run more smoothly, represent value for money, and are completed to an agreed quality standard.

Rockfon national account manager, Andy Edwards, said: “We have undertaken many projects within NHS trusts throughout England and are delighted to have been awarded with the ProCure22 approved supplier status for suspended ceilings.”

The framework aims to continue the significant improvements in delivering schemes to time, cost and quality standards achieved by previous frameworks such as P21 and P21+.

P22 builds on the principles of streamlining the procurement process and creating an environment in which clients, Principle Supply Chain Partners (PSCPs) and their supply chains develop stronger partnerships to drive increased efficiency and productivity while supporting enhanced clinical outputs for patients and improved environments for staff and visitors. <.p>

A spokesman said: “Given the variety and specialist characteristics demonstrated by the wide range of products offered by us, it is no surprise we have gained this prestigious status.

“Rockfon MediCare has been specifically designed to perform outstandingly in healthcare environments where the most-demanding specification requirements exist, including those for acoustic control, fire protection and hygiene.

“The tiles have an attractive white surface and are durable enough to withstand specialist steam and high-pressure cleaning.

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“They are also resistant to all ubiquitous bacteria including MRSA. They offer the highest class of fire safety (Class A1), excellent sound absorption (Class A) and, as with all Rockfon tiles, offer dimensional stability at humidity levels of up to 100% RH.”