Royal Lancaster Infirmary installs Carestream mobile X-ray unit


Equipment enables instantaneous results for improved diagnosis

University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust has installed a Carestream Revolution mobile unit in the resuscitation unit of the new A&E department at Royal Lancaster Infirmary.

The department, which already has a Carestream DRX-Evolution DR room and a Carestream CR system, currently carries out around 19,500 examinations a year, with around 20 patients being X-rayed each night between midnight and 8am.

Rosemary Wilson, lead radiographer for the general department at the Royal Lancaster Infirmary, said the new department needed an X-ray unit that would provide high-quality portable images for instantaneous review and diagnosis.

“It was a sensible option to invest in the new Carestream Revolution mobile unit as it has a similar user interface to the existing Carestream DR system, so staff were already familiar with the software and required less training,” she said.

“The Revolution produces high-quality images with low patient doses, but for us the main benefit is the ability for the referring clinician to review images immediately following exposure, resulting in prompt diagnosis and treatment for the patient.

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“The wireless RIS and PACS connection provides great flexibility and in a fraction of the time. It is also easily manoeuvrable within the unit and visibility is excellent with the reduced height of the collapsible column.”