SIMS control panel boosts energy efficiency of water heating


Spirax Sarco panel enhance efficiency of steam systems by up to 10%

Spirax Sarco has launched the Spirax Intelligent Monitoring System (SIMS) control panel to enable steam users to boost the energy efficiency of their existing EasiHeat steam-to-hot-water systems by up to 10%.

SIMS is an innovative control and monitoring technology that uses a colour touchscreen interface to deliver key performance data to operators, such as steam use, energy consumption, and flow and return temperatures. This enables operators to monitor energy use more closely.

EasiHeat systems typically offer 6-10% energy savings compared with traditional systems based on shell-and-tube exchangers. The addition of a SIMS control panel will deliver up to a further 10% energy saving by ensuring that all the useful energy is extracted from the steam before the resulting condensate is returned to the boiler.

EasiHeat is a ready-to-install engineered system that uses steam in a compact, plate-and-frame heat exchanger to provide instant hot water for space heating, domestic hot water (DHW), or process applications. The resulting supply of hot water is available on demand, without the need for a buffer or storage tank.

The latest-generation EasiHeat systems can be supplied with SIMS technology built in. However, the SIMS control panel will appeal to EasiHeat users who want the energy and cost-saving advantages offered by SIMS technology but are not yet ready to replace their existing system. The SIMS panel can be retro-fitted to any existing EasiHeat system, enabling users to bring the cost and energy efficiency of their unit into line with latest-generation models.

SIMS technology is easy to integrate into existing plant communications such as Ethernet, BACnet, Modbus, Profibus, CANopen, EtherCAT and DeviceNet. It can also be accessed remotely over the internet or via smartphones.

The system can be set up to automatically send an alarm notification by text or email alerts if an event occurs. SIMS can also alert users when a routine service is due, speeding up service and repairs.

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