Salisbury hospital deploys blood tracking solution


MSoft eSolutions\' Bloodhound technology enhances patient safety

Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is enhancing patient safety by introducing blood-tracking technology at Salisbury District Hospital.

The trust is deploying MSoft eSolutions’ Bloodhound system to control access to and from all blood fridges, providing enhanced security and safety by ensuring that only approved staff are allowed to access blood.

The solution provides positive identification of users and patients and indepth auditing of all bloods across each and every stage of the transfusion process, helping to get the right blood into the right patient.

The organisation is also in talks with MSoft about implementing its Bedside Management System, which allows each barcoded unit of blood to be matched with the patient’s barcoded wristband in a matter of seconds.

Matt McAlister, managing director of MSoft eSolutions, said: “Hospitals need to know that the technology they invest in will provide them with the sophisticated, efficient and, most importantly, secure and safe systems, they require.”

The Bloodhound solution is already used by the Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Plymouth Hospitals NHS Trust, South Devon Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust and Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust.

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