Sidhil launches new range of dynamic therapy systems


High-specification mattresses provide enhanced safety and comfort for all patient group risk levels

Sidhil has announced the launch of a comprehensive new range of high-specification dynamic therapy mattress systems.

The new systems combine exacting performance and ultimate reliability with a range of new features which deliver defined clinical benefits, providing enhanced safety and comfort for all patient group risk levels.

Sidhil's new mattress range has been developed in line with current nursing procedures, delivering high to very high pressure care risk management as defined by the EPUAP and NICE guidelines. The new systems are designed to fulfill the pressure care management needs of all healthcare environments, covering acute, community, nursing and residential care. When combined with the existing range of Sidhil dynamic systems, the company now has the ability to meet the needs of pressure care in all clinical areas.

The flagship model is the Artemis, a fully-automatic dynamic mattress with a range of high-end functions to support acute care needs in hospitals, care homes and the community. Artemis offers a choice of therapies including alternating, pulsation and constant low pressure for underweight/paediatric patients. The mattress is zoned into head, body and heel sections for enhanced shear and friction protection, with narrower cells at the heels to alleviate peak pressures. The pump supports 24-hour care with the option for a seat cushion running from the same pump if required.

Accommodating very high risk patients, up to and including Grade IV pressure ulcers, Artemis is truly dynamic, incorporating automatic and intuitive pressure adjustment, with internal pressures determined by the individual patient's weight. Constant monitoring enables pressures to change automatically to accommodate the changing movement and positioning of the patient.

Designed to ensure optimum patient comfort, Artemis also features a silent running pump, an easy-to-use control unit with an informative LCD screen and fast inflation via a dual compressor.

Sidhil's Apollo alternating dynamic system also provides 24-hour care with a seat cushion which runs off the same pump. Zoning with narrower cells in the heel section protects more vulnerable areas from shear and friction, while the cells are designed in a figure-of-eight configuration to reduce the risk of bottoming out. The Apollo automatic pressure adjustment has the added benefit of a simple comfort control setting which can be easily adjusted to achieve a firmer or softer pressure according to patient preference.

Sidhil also offers the Athena Low Air Loss mattress, a true low air loss system, typically used for low weight patients, paediatrics, dermatological conditions and palliative care. This system is designed to maintain an evenly-distributed flow of cool air across the surface to help manage skin heat and humidity, preventing skin breakdown. Athena features a seat mode, providing increased internal pressure for when a patient is seated as well as an ‘auto firm' setting to facilitate nursing procedures on a firmer base.

Sidhil's new dynamic therapy systems are designed to be simple and quick to set up and manage. They all feature a non-slip base, attaching straps to suit the vast majority of commonly-used beds, and Sidhil's own special cable management system to reduce risk of trips, slips and falls, as well as a CPR function to ensure rapid deflation where required.

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