The Royal Marsden selects MSoft eSolutions’ blood-tracking technology


Solution rolled out across Chelsea and Sutton hospitals

One of the world’s-most-prestigious hospitals has chosen an international health software company to implement blood-tracking technology across its sites.

The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust picked MSoft eSolutions to roll out a range of innovative solutions.

The Royal Marsden is the world’s-first hospital dedicated to cancer diagnosis, treatment, research and education.

The trust asked MSoft to introduce four of its products – Bloodhound, Sample360, PPID360 and Vital360 – across its Chelsea and Sutton hospital sites.

It means the hospital will be able to benefit from full vein-to-vein electronic blood-tracking.

Matt McAlister, managing director of MSoft eSolutions, said: “Bloodhound is now live across both sites with the first patient being issued with an incredible 57 units of blood. Specialist cancer surgery has a higher level of blood usage because processes such as cell salvage are not available due to the risk of cross contamination.

“Like many other trusts, The Royal Marsden was able to purchase Bloodhound through the NHS Supply Chain saving them time and money that would have been spent on a tender process.

“The combination of our blood-tracking solutions will reduce wastage, save tens of thousands of pounds and significantly enhance patient safety across the trust.”

Bloodhound controls access to and from all blood fridges, while a bedside management system allows each barcoded blood unit to be matched with the patient’s barcoded wristband in a matter of seconds.

Sample360 is a powerful phlebotomy sample tracking and management solution, helping to dramatically reduce the number of costly errors in the sample taking process. NHS trusts which have implemented Sample360 have seen sample rejection rates fall from thousands of samples a year to zero.

PPID360 is the latest generation in systems providing positive patient identification in healthcare organisations. The web-based system provides hospitals with the reassurance that patients are receiving the correct treatment and eliminating the chance of mistakes. The solution integrates seamlessly into the many different and sometime complex healthcare systems containing patient information.

Vital360 enables the trust to take Bloodhound and turn it into a full hospital-wide observations and decision support tool.

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MSoft’s technology is now used in more than 100 NHS and private hospitals, making it the world leader in the field of blood-tracking solutions.