The biggest leap in efficiency since the inverter compressor


Daikin Europe launches VRV IV heat recovery system

Daikin Europe has made a huge advance in climate control efficiency with the VRV IV heat recovery system.

This complete building solution is, on average, 28% more efficient than the previous-generation of VRV, is more flexible, and can be installed faster than any other heat recovery system.

VRV IV heat recovery integrates multiple climate control systems, recovering ‘free’ heat from areas requiring cooling and using it to heat other areas and provide hot water. It delivers optimal comfort for commercial buildings, with very high efficiencies (COPs up to 10 in mixed mode) as well as reducing energy costs and CO2 emissions.

The three-pipe system features three revolutionary innovations: Variable Refrigerant Temperature technology, continuous heating during defrost, for improved efficiency and comfort; and the VRV configurator, for faster installation.

VRV IV heat recovery systems lead the way in design and installation efficiency, through new and unique single and multi-port BS boxes, which also make systems faster to install and are quieter than ever before, making them perfect for noise-sensitive areas.

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Available for installation in the second half of 2014, Daikin Europe’s VRV IV heat recovery delivers 360 efficiency, with the best operational performance on the market and by being the most efficient in design and installation available.

The biggest leap in efficiency since the inverter compressor