The future of climate control arrives in the UK


Daikin’s VRV IV Heat Recovery system is over 32% more efficient than previous systems

From 1 October VRV IV HR is now available in the UK from Daikin UK, after the first five initial installations were successfully commissioned in locations from Greenwich and Stevenage to Ipswich, Cardiff and Wrexham.

The biggest advancement in efficiency since the inverter compressor, Daikin’s hotly-awaited VRV IV Heat Recovery system is over 32% more efficient than previous systems and can be installed faster than any other heat recovery system available.

VRV IV Heat Recovery derives its market-leading efficiency from the effective interplay of variable refrigerant temperature technology and updated system design, including a new compressor manufactured using thixo-casting technology and a new four-sided G coil.

The system also benefits from exceptionally-flexible design options, making the VRV IV Heat Recovery faster to install and configure than any other solution. Its modularity allows it to be scaled to fit any size of building and to be reconfigured easily if occupant needs or internal layouts change.

Compact, lightweight multi-port BS boxes with up to 16 ports mean the system is future-proofed, as spare ports can be made available if a new layout requires additional fan coils, all without the need to pump down the complete system.

VRV IV Heat Recovery ensures high levels of comfort combined with reduced energy costs and CO2 emissions, thus meeting the demands of building operators for total climate control solutions that support a sustainable built environment.

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The system integrates heating, cooling, ventilation, air curtains and hot water, recovering heat emitted from areas that require cooling and redirecting it to heat other areas and provide hot water. For a complete building solution, Daikin UK’s Intelligent Touch Manager can also link climate control with other third party systems.