Tigerspike announces global launch of Intelligence Suite


Intelligence helps business leaders increase productivity, efficiency and engagement throughout their organisation

Tigerspike has launched the Intelligence Dashboard, the first release within its Intelligence Suite - a set of tools equipping businesses with the knowledge they need to improve productivity, efficiency, and engagement.

The amount of high-value data worth analysing is predicted to double by 2020 and existing solutions make it very hard to identify the most-important data points, let alone extract insights.

Designed to tackle these issues, Tigerspike’s Intelligence Dashboard allows businesses to measure the impact of decisions through a real-time view of complex data sets, ingested from multiple sources.

Each configurable widget gives an aggregate view of a specific success metric, allowing non-technical business users to focus on their own measure of success.

Intelligence aligns everyone in the business and focuses purely on the important data to deliver actionable insights and quick ROI.

Decision-makers can then analyse, plan, and act on identified trends instantaneously, whilst working to achieve long term business objectives.

Alex Burke, group chief executive of Tigerspike, said: “Today there are hundreds of analytics packages available in the market, providing a vast amount of data, but not necessarily the right data.

“Our vision is to transform businesses by empowering leaders to make better decisions, both now and in the future.

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“We’re incredibly pleased to roll Intelligence out to our customers and partners. It’s step one of a new and exciting journey for Tigerspike.”