Trust deploys solution to manage risk


Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust selects Datix Risk Register to manage risk and support regulatory compliance

Wrightington, Wigan and Leigh NHS Foundation Trust has purchased Datix risk register software to manage risk across the organisation.

The trust is an acute hospital trust serving more than 318,000 residents in the borough of Wigan, Greater Manchester. It currently uses Datix patient safety software for incidents, claims and complaints management.

Dr Umesh Prabhu, the trust’s medical director, said: “In recent years we have worked hard to transform the culture of the trust and I believe if you want to transform thinking and behaviour you must have a patient safety culture. As a result, there are more than 450 fewer patient deaths a year and all 22 quality measures have improved.

“As an organisation we are very proud of our achievements. Datix has been key to this transformation and every week I go through all clinical incidents, complaints, litigation, clinical comments and coroner’s feedback. Our clinical governance and patient safety teams ‘red flag’ any concerns for escalation and we have a clear action plan.”

The Risk Register module will integrate into the existing Datix system to enable WWL’s senior management and governance leads to see all incidents, complaints and risk assessment information in the same place. The Datix Risk Register has been designed to enable healthcare organisations to identify, manage and mitigate all types of risk.

The technology will further support the trust with two of its major communications initiatives, the daily Datix Teleconference and the Executive Scrutiny Committee. Both are designed to foster cross-functional collaboration and shared learning and to encourage everyone in the organisation to take personal responsibility and ownership for patient safety.

Using data within the Datix system, staff and clinicians on the ground can flag up serious incidents for escalation and the patient safety team is able to identify trends. Any agreed actions are then recorded and issued to all parts of the organisation including governance leads and quality and safety matrons.

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Jonathan Hazan, chief executive of Datix, said: “Datix Risk Register is a true enterprise risk management tool. Built on robust Datix core functionality, the risk register provides executives and managers with the information required to manage risk at strategic, tactical and operational levels. It can be used as a standalone module, but is most effective when used in conjunction with other Datix modules. We look forward to working with WWL to ensure that the risk register further contributes to the culture of safety at the trust.”