Water Hygiene Centre appoints senior consultant/authorising engineer

Microbiologist, Paul Limbrick, joins the team

The Water Hygiene Centre has announced the appointment of Paul Limbrick as senior consultant/authorising engineer (Water).

Managing director, Daniel Pitcher, said: “The Water Hygiene Centre has just entered its eighth year of trading and as we continue to grow, our selection process ensures only those with appropriate skills, competency and, importantly, real-time honoured experience are welcomed to the team.

“The arrival of Paul has taken several months to come to fruition and he is certainly well worth waiting for.

“As a microbiologist with practical experience of water systems and waterborne pathogens, he brings yet more depth of knowledge to the team.”

Initially Limbrick will be working with existing clients in the South of England in the capacity of authorising engineer (Water). He also has experience with decontamination of medical devices and in the future will look to support clients with this additional service offering.

He is a microbiologist who has diversified over his career into supporting clients with understanding of water control strategies, water sampling strategies, along with consultancy support of specialist advisory services. These services have included membership of water safety groups, shaping water safety plans.

He studied at the University of Exeter and received BA (Hons) in Applied Physiology & Exercise Science followed by a Master’s Degree (MSc) in Medical Microbiology at the University of West of England.

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