Web-based application supports management of children with diabetes in Wales


University Hospital of Wales chooses Hicom's Twinkle.net to support management and auditing of children's diabetes data

The University Hospital of Wales has deployed Twinkle.NET, the web-based paediatric diabetes care management solution from Hicom.

Using Twinkle.NET, the hospital is able to provide an efficient data management and communication tool for the effective care and treatment of children with diabetes.

Twinkle.NET is a Microsoft.NET-based application that includes a comprehensive diabetes-related electronic health record tailored to the needs of paediatric specialists as well as administrative and audit tools. The diabetes team at University Hospital of Wales, which provides care for 220 paediatric patients aged from birth to 17 years old annually, uses Twinkle.NET to provide accurate and timely data reports on patient care.

Dr Justin Warner, consultant in paediatric endocrinology and diabetes, and clinical lead for the National Paediatric Diabetes Audit at University Hospital of Wales, said: "Since moving to Twinkle.NET, our whole process has become far more efficient in terms of the speed that we can extract data. We had an existing solution, however it didn’t have the same functionality as Twinkle.NET – one of our priorities was to be able to extract and submit data for the National Diabetes Audit which previously would have been onerous and time consuming.

“The Twinkle.NET system allows us to hold all our patient information in one place so that it can be used as required both quickly and effectively. We wanted a platform for monitoring performance, to enable senior members to have more visibility about how we are performing on a day-to-day basis and it has certainly eased that process.”

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