Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust achieves 50% potential energy savings with IMServ


Solution helps to identify opportunities for reducing energy use and carbon emissions

Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust is set to save up to 50% on its energy bills with the deployment of IMServ software.

Rehan Yunus, environmental officer at the trust, said: “We have worked alongside IMServ, predominantly for electricity data collection services, for the past three years.

“We have a variety of buildings - community hospitals, inpatient units, health and treatment centres/clinics and support services buildings. All of these have different demands and keeping accurate data is essential in identifying opportunities for improvement.

“IMServ’s services help our business meet environmental requirements in various ways, including the recording of accurate energy usage and carbon emissions for buildings that the trust does not directly pay for, identifying where savings could be made, and having access to data used in Display Energy Certificates.”

IMServ works closely with many organisations across the country, advising on effective energy management solutions. The company offers a range of monitoring, visualisation and control services that allow organisations to gain greater insight into their water and electricity usage.

Commenting on the partnership Rehan said: “Our carbon management plan has encouraged the trust to look into all mechanisms to reduce our considerable carbon footprint. While working with IMServ we have been able to identify the potential to save nearly 50%.”

He added: “Armed with the electricity data we receive from IMServ, we can now work to look at both behavioural and structural changes, which can be implemented to start making energy reductions.

“Looking to the future, the trust will apply for funds to improve sub metering at two other sites and will produce building specific data that will in turn aid the trust in being more accurate with our energy management.

“The trust is in dialogue with colleagues from the acute trust to implement a comprehensive sub metering strategy for all buildings for waste detection and accurate recharging of utility costs.”

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